The London Forex Rush System is a unique automated forex adviser in that it’s more of a signal system than a built-in software program. It also focuses on specialization so that your profits are optimized towards only one market – the London session. This system revolves completely around the first two hours of the London market and so doesn’t take up a lot of your time to earn money.

The London Forex Rush System indicator works by monitoring the activities of the Currency Pairs which cross with the British Pound. The theory that’s put to work is that whatever movements the Pair makes when the London market opens would direct its overall direction for the day.

Though experience with forex trading would certainly work as a plus for you, the London Forex Rush System effectively pushes a newcomer to the right directions without any confusion.


Overall Rating:

Users generally commend the London Forex Rush System for its thorough mastery of the London market and its flexibility depending on what type of market player you are. Additionally, it doesn’t take up much of your time. For these advantages, the London Forex Rush System gets 4 stars.

To try out The London Forex Rush System, visit their web site to download it.

Actual Customer Feedback:

“…the London Forex Rush System is very simple in its nature and its principles have been laid out in detail for you, so it could easily be your first serious Forex system and still you’d be able to trade it no problem.”  Actual user review from
“If you know how to trade and how the markets work, then we totally recommend London Forex Rush. It’s less than conventional take on “automated trading” is not comparable to the other forex systems out there and it’s definitely a unique gem.” Actual user review from

“London Forex Rush System is very flexible. Despite the fact that it gives you all the points you need to trade, you can also choose between aggressive and conservative stop loss as well as between aggressive and conservative targets. You can trade the way you feel more comfortable.”  Portion of a review from

“…the best part of the deal is that there is no need to stare at the charts all day long. The London Forex Rush system only trades the first two hours of the London session… Two hours a day is all you need to intra-day trade this system successfully!”  Portion of a review from

Our Research on The London Forex Rush System Suggests:

Our research on the London Forex Rush System has shown that the system places its foundations only on a particular period of a particular market. While specialization can offer unrivaled expertise and profits to a user, its downsides are that you could be missing other potentially bigger opportunities elsewhere or on a different time.


The London Forex Rush System is definitely a forex system with a more narrow scope – that is, the London market. This program allows you to make more money with less effort. Ultimately, it is London Forex Rush System’s ease of use, as well as its accuracy, that makes it a highly recommendable piece of software for your forex trading needs.