LMT Forex Formula Review

LMT Forex Formula is a forex system developed by forex whizkid Dean Saunders. Though only 25 years old, when he wrote the system, he’s been a big name in forex trading circles for a long time now. I for one is not one to hold a persons age against him, particularly if what he teaches can make me money!

LMT in LMT Forex Formula stands for Low Maintenance Trading. That’s because this system is set up to require as little actual trading as possible while maximizing profits on very trade. I’ve traded this system for over three months now and the results have been very good.

This forex trading system is not an automated system, you actually have to trade for yourself. It’s also a signal service though, so you WILL get specific trades to make delivered to you. I don’t know if you’ve tried other systems in the past, but I think you’ll be very pleased with the ease of this one.
Let’s take a look what you get when you order Dean Saunders LMT Forex Formula:

  • LMT Forex Formula Manual – a 47 page manual explaining his system and showing you exactly how to set it up and apply it. This is the core of your system and it will be your trading ‘bible’.
  • LMT Custom Indicators Software – This is the charting and signal software that will let you know when, what and how to trade.
  • LMT Forex Formula Videos – Videos showing you how the system works. It really helps to have videos in addition to the manual.

So, this system is supposed to be ‘low maintenance’. How much time do you have to spend trading every day? The sales page says 15 minutes, but in my experience anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour of trading a day gives the best results. That’s not a lot anyway, don’t you agree. Particularly not when you’re trading with such a succinct and detailed system.

LMT Forex Formula is not a scalping system (making many small trades), but rather a day trading system. That’s why you can make money from only making one, or a few, trades a day. It’s about fewer but bigger trades. Trades that make more pips in profit from one trade than a scalper makes on tens of trades on an entire day!

Let’s get to the numbers now! How much did I actually make and what can you expect to make? Over these three months that I’ve been testing I’m on the run for an incredible 400% annual profit! That’s just remarkable. Even if it doesn’t keep up, and it probably won’t, it’s still great. Also keep in mind that I only traded this system with $1000 in my account to test the system on a ‘fresh’ account. I wanted to see if the signals provided would work for small deposits. It did. I do consider that this system along with Thomas Strigano’s Forex Confidante to be the two best systems available at the present. Worth checking out for sure.