Leo Trader Pro Neural-Net Robot- Will It Profit?

Leo Trader Pro is a new EA based on neural network technology.

Neural network simulation of very little brain, which guaranteed to be very good at recognising patterns. To do this, a neural network be trained using historical data. & exercise is a crucial factor for a NN to work well. Choosing the right data is very important, & to keep the net-mounted (trained with some frequency).

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This is why most of the School say they’re not usually based on NN.

Leo Trader Pro is a particular EA that what you received isn’t the actual EA, but a replicator of the main net programmes. This is really the only reliable way to trade without using a NN professional.

Development team gave access to a live account trading EA before it was released to the public & the performances are good if compared with the relatively low draw down.

I also personally know the developers & Im in contact with them.

These are the reasons that made me decide to promote Leo Trader Pro & the results so far are very good.

I wrote a few posts about Leo Trader Pro crescendos in my blog & here are links to some of the most important:

I had access to the live account a few days earlier the public, so you probably already done your analysis. Some of you’re already excited about it & some are already saying that it’s fraud.

As always, the truth is in between. Here Ill try to evaluate the technical commercial stuff & not marketing one.

There are a few things to say before a final decision:

Actually I still don’t know if Leo Trader is really based on neural network technology or not. But there are a few things that make me think that it can in this way the important thing is that it probably wont be sold as an individual EA, but itll be a commercial copier EA. So EA & instal in our terminals will connect to a server & orders to open close transactions from a central server to receive. As I wrote, the main problem with NN is to keep them installed, which means keeping them always trained with the latest data. This is something that can even happen on a daily basis. This is easily done if you train the main Centra NN & the other takes the signals from it. The only real drawbacks of this approach is that you can’t backtest the performance of the EA.
Trade is certainly over-mortgaged. But it is perfectly normal. In your real beings (I hope), you wont be using that leverage. Youd probably using a lever that’s between one five & one ten of 1 used in the live account if you want. This means that the average performance will also be scaled, instead of 100% per month, you can expect a 10-20% per month (which is a good performance). Theresa general rule that works most of the time: If you want to make 100% a month, you’ll probably be to risk losing 100% in a month.
I use an indicator that I adapted to my analysis shows that the historic balance & equity line of an account. I applied it to LeoTrader Live account & heres the result. As you can see there have been periods in DD & again are quite normal. BUT the major DDS is also due to over-exploit. If you normalise for more real life many sizes I must say that the floating DD may be very low.
Said that, here is calculate the historical balance sheet (red line) & equity (blue line) in the live account:

For more information on Leo Trader Pro, Click Here!

I remember you that the record is made of closed orders, while the equity is the value of the account as the value of outstanding orders.

So whats my opinion of Leo Trader EA. I really think that EA is a good, definitely worth a try. This is with 2 pairs (EURUSD & GBPUSD) & I like several pairs. If they’re really using NN which are often trained & equipped than this is certainly an automatic strategy to have in our portfolio.

Id like to say 1 more thing. It’s important to distinguish between marketing & trade stuff. EAS need good marketing as well as bad EAS. Unfortunately many times they use the same marketing techniques & so it difficult to distinguish between good EAS & spam. I know well personally I had the same problem with my Crescendo. Try to make you understand me & Crescendo are different from most of the EBS & EAS developer out there. This is something that you just can demonstrate over time. Theres no other way. Since selling something is, & art that had nothing to do with trade & or write a good trading robot. So what I am saying is don’t be fooled by marketing the good & bad. Dont think big numbers, but also dont think fake everything that has an upgrade just 1 example

This is the first time, Ill email you suggest buying an EA. I coded a bonus indicator Crescendinos who’ll choose to follow me. I’ll not do it often I promise! & you can be sure that Ill do only the things I really like. Im building a page with a list review of other EAs that I like & use. Goal to find the right companions for Crescendo that’ll let us build a performing & secure portfolio of automated strategies.

Postscript: I can not make any evaluation of strategy as being based on NN means that’s mainly based on pattern recognition. The stop-loss orders is more than three hundred pips away. So keep this in mind when choosing the lot size.