Forex Robot World Cup – Who Are They?

Who is Forex Robot World Cup? and What Do They Do?

One of the first headlines on their site says “A Life Time Opportunity For Individual FX Traders To Own The Best Forex Robots In The World”

This is a pretty bold statement. They backup this statement with some stringent guidelines and full transparency. Read some more to learn what they have to offer.

The Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) competition was established by a group of Forex traders and system developers with an important mission:

“Creating the first truly professional, automated Forex trading competition that would yield the world’s best functioning Expert Advisor (EA) driven by realistic parameters in live market conditions, and allowing Forex traders all over the world to use these Forex robots in their personal trading.”

The FRWC organization aims to eliminate the flaws which affected previous Forex robot championships in terms of the competition process itself and how they related to participating EAs:

1. When it comes to the competition process, the FRWC will focus on four main areas:
a. Giving every person an equal opportunity to participate.

b. Giving every participant an equal opportunity to win the biggest cash prize ever awarded in an automated Forex trading competition.

c. Creating a trading environment within the competition which ensures that every EA trades in uniform conditions.

d. Conducting a fully transparent and accountable competition process from start to finish.

2. When it comes to the participating EAs, we will focus on two main areas:
a. Appropriate qualification filtering so that participating EAs are sufficiently robust to withstand the true reality of live Forex trading.

b. Removing the characteristics that impede EAs from trading well over the long term.

3. When it comes to private FX traders, after the competition is over, the Forex Robot World Cup is committed to allowing them to purchase Forex robots that are under a unique category, the best of the best.

By covering all of the above mentioned areas, we are confident that the outcome of the FRWC will be like nothing seen before in the industry…

…discovering the best of the best and creating a new reality in the Forex market.

The FRWC is truly committed and prepared to establish a new standard when it comes to automated Forex trading

As you can see they have a very thorough and in depth understanding of judging forex trading robots. Who you know is also very important in forex trading and FRWC associated themselves with some very large names in forex. Forex Capital Markets and Boston Technologies, some of the largest and most respected names in forex. Give this start up group a huge show of support.