Forex Robot World Cup Reopens For 24 Hours

If you have been waiting for Forex Robot World Cup to reopen, you have 24 hours or the first 50 memebers to sign up now. You can order here.

After working hard with all our current clients over the last
few weeks, we finally feel that we are equipped to open the
doors for a small number of new members…

We now feel that bringing in up to 50 new members will still
allow us to provide top-notch client support and, at the same
time, allow us to keep working hard on our EA Lab developments.


If you do not know what the FRWC’s EA Lab is all about
then you have been missing quite A LOT!

Our EA Lab is a “department” within the members’ area
where our clients get access to our proprietary EA
development research.

You see… when we launched the FRWC’s Royal Trader, it
was not enough for us to provide people with the best FX
robots in the world. We wanted to do more than that.

We wanted to make sure that our clients could always
count on the best of the best. This means working hard
at researching and developing new concepts.

Let us give you a few examples…

HiRIDER was one of the 3 top FRWC competition EAs. A
truly great robot.

However, that was not enough for us – we wanted to make
it better. So, we contacted Leslee (the developer of the
robot) and worked with him to improve its strategy.

The outcome? Well…

Much safer and more uniform performance! We call it
“HiRIDER Advanced” and here is a real-money, live
account statement (low risk):

Want another example of our EA Lab testing and development?


How about the “Zoop, Neg-Correlation and NutCracker”
performance?… take a look here:

…real-money, live account, 150.8% performance in just a
bit over one month!

These are just a few examples of what we have already
done and will do in the future.

We work very hard in our EA Lab and we feel this brings
true value to our members… and we will keep devoting
all the time needed to developing the best of the best!

But, above all, we feel that the FRWC is about introducing
traders to how things SHOULD be really done.

Yes, we know that most people are used to buying an FX
product and never hearing from the vendor again… be it
in terms of client support, EA updates or education.

Not with the FRWC!

Once you join our family, you will enjoy the highest level
of professionalism, commitment and dedication from us.


Tomorrow, Thursday April 8th at 9AM EST, we are opening
the doors to the FRWC’s Royal Trader buy JUST to our
waiting list (2,351 traders) for either 24 hours or 50 new
members, whichever comes first.